Kindred Oaks pricing

Kindred Oaks is one of ONLY TWO venues out of over TWO HUNDRED in Central Texas to be given EVERY SINGLE ONE of Weddingwire’s Bride’s Choice Awards for SIX straight years! Kindred Oaks is recognized as being in the top 5% of local wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.

In addition to the services below, our WINTER rates also include the use of our Texas size outdoor fireplace and we can lower our clear roll down walls at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Additional patio heaters can be rented for $50.00 each if needed. Our SUMMER rates include the optional use of our flash mist system for cooling the pavilion. Flash mist systems use a fine mist that cools the skin but creates no wetness!

Kindred Oaks Price List
2015 – 2016

Kindred Oaks facility rental rates are non-taxed.
For inclusive package pricing, please go here.

Rates based on 25- 200 guests
Price per guest over 200 – $10.00
(comfortable maximum of 250)

High Season
March, April, May, October & November
Saturday Events – $5,900.00
Fridays and Sundays – $5,400.00

Mid Season
June, July, & September
Saturday Events – $5,400.00
Fridays and Sundays – $4,900.00

Low Season
December, January, February & August
Saturday Events – $4,900.00
Fridays and Sundays – $4,400.00

It is our experience that new clients to the wedding industry are in dire need of understanding the costs that are associated with the following amenities that Kindred Oaks includes as part of our everyday services, in the rates above. We have attempted to price out, through the very rental companies that service our area, what it would cost if these items were purchased separately, not to mention the time it would take. We hope you find this helpful in your planning!

Services Included in Rates Above

  • One day, one wedding. We can’t emphasize enough how much you are going to cherish the many hours we give you to prepare for your day! You’ll never be rushed around to try to squeeze what is often a year’s worth or more of planning, into a half hour of prep time in order to make it down the aisle in time. We’re a laid-back company that helps create a laid-back bride! PRICELESS!
  • Our doors open at 1:00 pm to allow up to 5 hours for decorating, receiving vendors, getting dressed and wedding photography. In addition, we allow 5 hours to be set aside for the ceremony and reception, to include at least a half-hour for clean-up. Value: Up to $1000.00 (Venues routinely charge $200.00 per hour beyond the first hour prior to the ceremony)
  • Dining Tables and Chairs for up to 250 guests.
    • 25 – 60” round tables that seat up to 10 guests (Value: $200.00)
    • 10 – 6 ft. banquet style tables (Value: $80.00)
    • 300 white resin chairs with pad seats. (Value: $1000.00+)
  • All set-up and clean-up services (not to include catering clean-up). This means we set up your chairs, tables, linens, take down the chairs, tables, linens, take out trash and do all the deep cleaning! (Value: $500.00+)
  • Full, gorgeous rain plan(Value: Peace of mind = priceless!)
  • You can bring in your own alcohol to be served by Hill Country Events and thereby avoid the “corking” fees and other alcohol related fees that some venues apply. (Value: $4.00 per guest minimum = 150 x $4.00 = $600.00!)
  • Over a MILE’s worth of twinkle lights, professionally wrapped around the surrounding trees, and 3 antique chandeliers, from the 1930’s and 1940’s.
  • On-Site Management Team (Value: $100.00 per hour)
  • With award winning floral design studio, ZuZu’s Petals, on the same property, Kindred Oaks brides have the freshest flowers possible and there are no set-up fees, break-down fees, or delivery & return fees, which can translate to a savings of more than $500.00! A huge value!
  • Kindred Oaks has its own table linen line, which ensures the best quality of an incredible selection of linens and there are no delivery, set-up / removal fees or 10% damage waivers. This is at least a $450.00 value since rental companies routinely charge $200.00+ to deliver and again to pick up the same night plus after hours charges.
  • A 1,400 square foot, tree canopied dance floor accented with chandeliers adjoining the reception deck! (Value: $1,500.00+)
  • Separate, designer, bride’s and groom’s dressing rooms. The bride’s dressing room is very spacious, has a beautiful floor length mirror, private bath, walk-through closet and plenty of seating. The groom’s dressing room is spacious, has cable television, a comfy couch and private bath. (Value: Peace of mind = Priceless!)
  • One night’s stay in our beautifully decorated Honeymoon Suite, gourmet breakfast by Eudoras’ Cuisine included. The honeymoon suite has Bose surround sound speakers and a jacuzzi self-heating tub! (Value: $200.00)
  • One-hour allotment for a rehearsal for the night before unless there is another event scheduled. (Value: $200.00)
  • Separate designer decorated Beverage Bar! (Value: $300.00)
  • Parking attendants and ample free parking. (Value: $200.00)
  • Free parking lot shuttle. (Value: $250.00)
  • The privilege of securing your own caterer, d.j., florist, cake, photographer! Venues that have in-house required catering, generally add a percentage to their quote for the “house” to have their piece of the pie. At Kindred Oaks, you have the option of using our caterer or any full service caterer with the assurance that there is no “cut for the house” so that you can feel comfortable knowing that they are going to do a great job because they know their job is not guaranteed. They have to earn your money! (Value: 10-20% of vendor fees)
  • Option for economical Inclusive Packages that 75% of our clients take advantage of! Let us put together our A-list vendors for you, make all your selections in one place, no running around all over the city. AND NO KICKBACKS!! It’s less expensive to opt into our package than opt out of it!
  • 10’ x 14’ Oklahoma sandstone outdoor fireplace!

Kindred Oaks is the ONLY venue in Central Texas to carry its own linen line & floral shop in house!


Damage and Security Deposit – $300.00

50% of the RENTAL FEE is required as a deposit to secure the date of your wedding and the remainder is due 1 month prior to the wedding.

All bartenders are exclusively provided by Hill Country Events for $30.00 per bartender, per hour.

DPS officers required if alcohol is served. Kindred Oaks makes all arrangements. One officer per 150 guests is required. Rate – $180.00

Hill Country Events bartenders at Kindred Oaks Wedding reception table at Kindred Oaks